Cirò D.O.C. reserve red wine

Red wine with an intense and persistent aroma, typical of red wines of the Cirò historic area with a more modern and elegant version that in the glass reflects like a ray of warm and gentle sunshine in the morning, aged in oak barrels for about eights months, it want to be a tribute to the great scientist and astronomer Aloysius Lilius born in Cirò in 1510. On behalf of Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, he revolutionized the old Julian calendar that was not right. After studying the movement of the sun and the moon, Lilio was able to correctly calculate the days of the year, creating the new Gregorian calendar, now spread around the world.

Colour: intense red.
Fragrance: intense and persistent, delicate, ethereal, with fruit of the forest scent
Taste: dry, warm and vigorous, of good persistent
Gastronomic combinations: it matches very well with meat, vegetables, roasts and hard tastes.
Temperature of service: 18–20 °C
Alcoholic strength: 13,5% vol.
Bottle capacity: 750 ml
Vinitaly 2010